Shenzhen Qinghuan Intelligent Lighting Technology Research Institute grandly unveiled


In August 23 morning ,the establishment and launching ceremony of the “Shenzhen Clean、Environmental Protection、Intelligent Lighting Technology Research Institute”was held in our company. Leaders from relevant functional departments of Shenzhen city and Futian District, the Municipal Lighting Society, the Municipal City wisdom club promotion society, and well-known experts and business representatives in the LED light field participated in the establishment of the event.


With China’s plan to build“ the Pioneer Demonstration Zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristic in shenzhen “and “the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau Bay Area” , in order to deepen scientific and technological innovation, we will overcome various core technical problems in the field of intelligent lighting, create a first-class scientific and technological achievements transformation platform, and build a bridge for technological innovation and industrial applications.

The Research Institute aim is to change human life with intelligent lighting; key research directions are: high-power intelligent lighting, solar lighting, smart light poles, Internet of things lighting technology, lighting systems and management platforms.


The follow-up research will continue to carry out with the attitude of“seeking truth and being pragmatic and scientifically rigorous”, and will produce more results for smart lighting and smart cities.


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